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Mays Law Office Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

“I found myself in a situation which I consider to be the darkest period of my life. Not only was Mr. Mays able to have some of what I was charged with dropped but was also able to have the remaining charge reduced in severity to its lowest level. More so, he advised on and helped me deal with some of the fall-out of my situation that I didn’t think he was required to do. I’ve heard and read of people saying that only the rich are able to afford the best legal representation but Mr. Mays, in my mind, has proven that a fallacy. ¬†I could have paid more for much larger law firms but none of them that were available in my area even came close to the representation that Mr. Mays has now the experience he demonstrated. I will forever be indebted to him. – C.S.”


Once again, thank you for all your efforts to help me [through client’s multiple pending OWI’s] even when it was clear that all I was intent upon doing at the time was destroying myself further. I hope you and your family had a great holiday Stephen; thanks again for everything.

Kind regards,


“Dear Steve,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help getting the ticket reduced — I sincerely appreciate your efforts! Please accept this as a token of my gratitude.


“Mr. Mays,

I received notice from the Wisconsin DOT [vacating client’s administrative suspension a week after retaining Mays Law Office in an OWI case] that you have so far exceeded even your own reputation, and it is not even yet over!

I know that I am not yet out of the woods but, you have already earned your entire retainer!

Please know that regardless the outcome, your agreeing to help me has left me in your debt more than any retainer could repay!

Warm regards,


“Thank you so much for the excellent representation and help. I truly appreciate it!! Please send my most sincere thanks to [Attorney] Steve [Mays], and to everyone at the office for the professional, efficient, and friendly help. You’re all saints!



“You did a fantastic job… Thanks again for everything. While I hope I never have to need to hire or make a referral for a criminal attorney, I wouldn’t consider anyone but you if I do.” ~ M.C.

“Dear Stephen Mays,

Thank you for your help in getting me through a very trying and difficult situation in my life. The legal process is very intimidating and having someone in your corner with the confidence and knowledge to work through that process in invaluable. I have no doubt the outcome of dismissing of all charges would not have happened without your relationship with the Courts and reputation as a lawyer in general.



“Please extend my thanks to both Atty Orth and Atty Mays for their help, and here’s hoping you never hear from me again!” ūüôā – M.G.

“Dear Steve,

Just wanted to say thank you – you exceeded my expectations with the State of Wisconsin. I am much appreciative to you and your team.

My best for the holidays,


“Hi Steve –

Our son told me he was going to thank you directly for your work on his case, but my husband and I also want to tell you how much we appreciate your efforts on his behalf. You were obviously tenacious and thorough, and you explored a number of possible defenses to help reduce the consequences of the charges against him. Ultimately this led to the video from the night of his accident and you made the most of the information you discovered.

We are so grateful for the resulting dismissal and reduction of the charges, Steve. Our son has said he’s committed to using this opportunity to keep his driving record clear in the future, and I’m fairly sure you will be happy if you never see any of us in your office again. However, in the future, if we know someone who needs your legal services, we will not hesitate to highly recommend you.

Sincerely, MFE”

“Hi Steve- First and foremost I do want to take a second just to thank you for taking me on as a client. I was EXTREMELY pleased with the representation and feel that you made light of a pretty terrible situation. So Thanks again!” ~ JF

Thank you for this and I am glad to see it finally resolved. Though stressful most of the time, it was really great to work with Steve and everyone there. Please let Steve know how thankful I am for helping. I hope everyone there had some great holidays. Thanks again! ~K.T.

The absolute perfect combination of rare talents to assist during times of difficult circumstances: an impressive level of legal expertise, many years of invaluable experiences and a wonderfully kind man. I can recommend Attorney Steve Mays to anyone without qualification…Steve is simply superb in all the right ways. -A.C.


I just wanted to thank you again for all your help this year. ¬†It definitely was a learning experience and I am very grateful for all your help along the way. ¬†All the reviews and everything I read about you were true; you truly are an incredible lawyer and great at what you do. ¬†Professional, timely, successful–the adjectives could go on and on. ¬†I wish you continued success and know that you will continue to thrive. ¬†You helped a lot of us out and kept me grounded. ¬†Have a great summer and thanks again.

Best Regards, K.S.

Steve, thank you for taking your valuable time to get my ticket dismissed. ¬†I know who I’ll hire if I am ever in trouble (again)! ¬†-D.D.

I want to thank you so much for the awesome news from the last letter you wrote me [describing the amendment of an OWI to a reckless driving]. ¬†I can not say thank you enough. ¬†I’m sure you have been told this many of times but you saved my job and my future, thank you again. ¬†-J.T.

Hi Steve!! We are still in a shocked state of disbelief that this nightmare is really going to be over with a favorable outcome. You and [Attorney] John [Orth] have been so wonderful throughout this ordeal and we can’t thank you enough for the work you have done on [my husband’s] case. I am so grateful that I stumbled across your website on the night of his arrest. Your firm gave us the confidence to fight back knowing we had the best legal expertise in our corner and for that we will forever be thankful.

Thank you! Thank you! Best wishes in 2011 to you and yours!  -J.P. (after convincing prosecutor to amend an OWI 6th offense to reckless driving).

My kindest thanks to you and your associates for working with me on my case. ¬†Your professionalism is outstanding and is surely rare in today’s world. ¬†-J.N.

Stephen, Thank you for the materials [provided after lecturing to attorneys at State Bar Seminar on OWI]. ¬†It was inspirational to hear so many experienced defense attorneys speak. ¬†I am just starting out my career and building my practice, it’s great to meet and talk to successful and skilled practitioners who can not only educate but also serve as a support network and FAQ springboard for those of us who are still learning. ¬†I very much appreciated your talk as well as the materials you provided. ¬†-Madison Attorney

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your responsiveness! Even though we have just begun our working relationship my husband and I are already impressed with your firm and how available you have been to us in our sudden crisis. You have a knack for making us feel like our case is the only one on your desk when we know how busy you must be. In this day and age customer service is the exception and not the norm so thank you for setting your firm far above the rest!  With much gratitude!  -JP

I will tell [client] you were asking how she was doing, that will make her happy. Take care. ¬†Thank you again for all you did we couldn’t have made it through without you!!

Mr. Mays, I want to thank you for your recent representation.  As a licensed commercial driver, any traffic conviction is potentially catastrophic.  I am very grateful for your efforts on my behalf.  Kind Regards, S.H.


When I saw [your client] yesterday at a pretrial conference [for his divorce case], he advised me that you were able to resolve his criminal matter.  Please send me a copy of the documentation in that regard for my [divorce] file.  [Your client] was quite impressed with your work.  -[Madison divorce attorney who represented a Mays Law Office, LLC client in a divorce action contemporaneously with a criminal matter].

Thank you so much for helping me out of this jam. ¬†I understand that these things aren’t easy and appreciate how much work you put in on my behalf. ¬†I am very grateful for your services. ¬†My uncle was right in sending me to you. ¬†Thank you. ¬†-M.S.

Just a short note thanking you for your services.  You did a GREAT job handling my case.  -JB

As the person selelcted as the alternate juror for the trial of [Mays Law Office, LLC client], I congratulate you for getting the verdict of not guilty [on the charge of OWI 3rd offense]. ¬†The judge called me last night to inform me of the outcome, and that the decision was reached fairly quickly – in about 1 hour. ¬†I too would have voted for not guilty if I were one of the 12. ¬†You raised a number of questions during the prosecution and discredited a number of their witnesses’ testimony. ¬†It seemed the judge kept a tight noose on you, and kept you from getting into some basic areas that would have been even more helpful for the defense. ¬†Congratulations on a job well done and for proving there is justice in Dane County. ¬†(Alternate Juror)

Good job. Thanks for your help and professionalism in resolving this matter for my daughter. I hope to have future matters (of a non-family nature) to refer to your firm.  -R.H.

Thank you for holding my hand through my efforts to help my little brother (charged with OWI 3rd). ¬†Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude for everything you did to win his trial. ¬†-J.B.

I wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for me in my case.  I felt confident all along that I was in the best hands possible.  You are a great attorney who I feel genuinely cares about the person you are defending.  I feel that it is a rarity and makes you stand out among your peers.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who may need your services!  -G.L.

I received the motion you filed in my case [which persuaded the city attorney to amend a .12 OWI case to Inattentive Driving]. I’m putting it in my scrapbook right next to when I got suspended from cheerleading for drinking in high school. Thanks again for everything. I seriously cannot express my gratitude. You are the best! There is nobody else we would have trusted with this. You made something really horrible seem bearable. I hope you know that not only are you talented and bright but have a gift of making people feel safe. C.A.

I appreciate you taking my case. The follow up is tremendous. I have never met an attorney like you. J.B.

When I called the Department of Transportation they said they are mailing my license to me and I should get it by tomorrow. Thanks again, I’ll never doubt another lawyer again! N.A.

You are the best of the best, so I hear! He should be relieved he isn’t going to prison! Client’s Probation Officer

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all your efforts and representation on my behalf. I appreciate all of your diligence. I was confident that if there had been any errors in the process that you would found them and presented them to the fullest extent allowed in the law. I am grateful for your efforts and believe that the best outcome possible was attained. I would highly recommend you and your firm to anyone in a similar circumstance. S.F.

Wow! What a deal! You are the master. J.V.

(After negotiating a deal for no prison, no jail, and no fine in a 10-count drug case

I will never forget your support and belief in me. You saved my life. Thank you. N.L.

Thank you very much for all your work, belief and support. T.J.H.

Thank you for all of your hard work. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me. L.H.

When I was looking for an attorney, it was difficult to find someone who made me feel comfortable with my situation. You helped me understand the process and made it not so scary. Thank you. T.M.

You not only helped me with my court case, but you encouraged me to discover the problems that brought me to this situation, and seek help. For this, I thank you, and my family thanks you. C.E.

I can’t believe you got the judge to suppress that s@*#load of marijuana. (Referring to a motion granted by the Court suppressing $18,000.00 worth of marijuana.) T.L.

The demeanor you carry and the respect that you received from the Court and prosecutor during my case are truly deserved, thank you. M.H.

I have never had anyone fight so hard for me. I respect your honesty and the pull-no-punches approach in speaking with me. The more I knew, the more comfortable I felt. Thank you. L.B.

I truly believe everyone deserves a second chance. I had a momentary lapse in judgment, which led me to hiring you. When I talked to you, you put me at ease with your overwhelming knowledge of drunk driving. Hiring your firm was the best decision I ever made. Should the situation present itself, I will refer you to anyone! K.R.

I immediately felt comfortable knowing I had hired you. F.C.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. You’re a fine lawyer and an even better person. L.B.

A million thank you’s for doing such a great job with my case … this was the most difficult time of my life … I always had a great deal of trust and faith in you and your abilities. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. T.K.

Just wanted to say thank you once again for your legal services. It’s good to know that sometimes the system does work. R.W.

I trust you with my life. A.S.

How a guy can T-bone another car and walk away with a windshield violation is beyond me. T.L.K.

*Initials used to protect the privacy and integrity of our clients.


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