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Drunk Driving: The Prosecutors Role

Drunk Driving:  The Prosecutor’s Role Prosecution refers to the government’s role in the criminal justice system. When criminal activity is suspected, it is often up to the government to investigate, arrest, charge, and bring the alleged offender to trial. Prosecutors are the lawyers who work for the government and who are responsible for developing and […]

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Drunk Driving Arrest: What to Expect

What to Expect: drunk driving arrest For many people, a drunk driving arrest is unfamiliar and overwhelming. With years of experience, the attorneys at Mays Law Office, LLC are very skilled in handling DUI defense. Contact the Madison drunk driving defense attorneys at Mays Law Office, LLC for a free initial consultation. The first thing […]

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DUI Drunk Driving: An Overview

DUI Drunk Driving:  An Overview The crime of drunk driving is also known as “driving under the influence,” or DUI, and “driving while intoxicated,” or DWI. In some states, the crime may be known as “operating while intoxicated, or OWI, or “operating under the influence,” or OUI. The names vary according to how state laws […]

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Blood Alcohol Calculator

Drunk Driving:  Blood Alcohol Calculator   The Blood Alcohol Calculator below estimates percent of alcohol in the blood by number of drinks in relation to body weight.   *** Mays Law Office, LLC. does not promote drinking and driving in any form. Alcohol may affect each person differently.  The figures shown in this chart are […]

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Auto Insurance after OWI

Auto Insurance after  OWI After serving a sentence and paying a fine, a person convicted of drunk driving (DUI, DWI, or OWI) in Wisconsin is eager to return to life as it was before the charges. In most parts of the U.S., normal living (school, work, other activities) involves driving, and driving requires automobile insurance. […]

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Challenge the Breathalyzer

Have you been charged with drunk driving? Drunk Driving:  Challenge the Breathalyzer?       In most drunk driving cases, the prosecution must prove that the defendant’s blood alcohol concentration at the time of the offense was at or above a statutory limit. In many states, the limit is .10 percent, but in others it […]

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Parole and Probation – Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving: Parole and Probation Drunk driving parole and probation are both supervisory-type mechanisms employed in the punishment phase of the criminal justice process in Wisconsin. Parole comes into play after a person has been imprisoned and is released. Alternatively, probation refers to a criminal sentence, separate and distinct from incarceration. Probation is the most frequent […]

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Looking at OWI penalties? – There is help!

Criminal Penalties in Wisconsin Wisconsin law provides criminal penalties, including fines, jail time, license revocation, and sometimes probation, for an OWI conviction. If convicted, the state prescribes minimum penalties for first and subsequent offenses, which vary according to the circumstances that can be proven, such as: The driver’s history of OWI violations and convictions; If […]

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Penalties – OWI Conviction

 The Penalties for OWI Conviction First OWI Conviction: In addition to facing a high monetary forfeiture and other associated court costs, your driving privileges will be revoked for 6 to 9 months following your first OWI conviction in Wisconsin. You will also be required to attend a mandatory alcohol education program and an alcohol treatment program. […]

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Wisconsin OWI Laws

Wisconsin OWI Laws Refusing a Chemical Test: “Implied Consent” Laws Wisconsin OWI laws has “implied consent” laws that require vehicle drivers to submit to some form of chemical test, such as breath, blood, or urine testing, if suspected of OWI. State legislators make these laws based on the logic that driving is a privilege and […]

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